Rates are based on lot size, amps, and park location

Sites start at $9000 up to $13,000 annually 

We have a total of 72 annual full service sites
30 AMP and 50 AMP 

Included in your annual lease - water, sewer, cable and wifi

Hydro is metered separately and billed every two months according to your personal use

Payment and Deposit 

We accept visa, mastercard, credit, cheque and bank draft

10% deposit to hold your site, first payment is to be made on date of move in or within 30 days of deposit. If payment isn't made within the 30 days your site is put back into the system as not sold. 


Payment schedule options

Monthly Payments - $1000 security deposit required. post dated cheques with a valid visa kept securely on file. 
Quarterly Payments - $1000 security deposit required, post dated cheques with a valid visa kept securely on file.
Annual Payment -  no security deposit required, full payment due on move in date or 30 days after 10% deposit was paid. 


Decks and sheds
Deck and sheds are encouraged! Management approval on all plans is required before building. 


Subleasing your lot or RV at anytime is strictly prohibited 

Parking at your site
must be on your gravel driveway and under no conditions are wheels to be on the grass due to the following concerns 

  • this can break our expensive irrigation system heads

  • it prevents the sprinklers from watering your green space

  • it creates craters in the lawn

A maximum of two vehicles or one boat are allowed at each site provided they fit therein
We do not allow hauling trailers or commercial vehicles to be parked on your site 

Any vehicles found parked along the pathway or blocking any entrances will be towed immediately at the owners expense. We keep a record of your licence plate/vehicle details in your lease agreement 

Quiet hours 11:00PM - 9:00AM. Excessive noise will not be permitted. 

Gate and park access
The property is gated with one electric gate and one manual, all guests are provided with a key to these gates

Beach access
Barefoot is proud to offer our very own private beach. in the past we have allowed public access and reserve the right to do so in the future. currently the gate to our beach is locked and our guests are given a key to access the beach at their leisure. Our beach is accessed at the front of the resort through a tunnel located under highway 97

Coin laundry is located on site, the laundry is open all year round with hot water for washers. $2 per load for washers and dryers Loonies only. 

Pets must be registered and tagged, pets must be on a leash at all times unless on the off leash area of the beach. Owners must be in control of the pet at all times and courteous of all other guests and children. You must clean up after your pet, if you fail to do so you will be fined a $25 fee. We reserve the right to limit the number of pets per site and adjust these policies as needed. 


Visitors are welcomed and are the lot owners responsibility. Guests can not stay more then two nights without approval from Management 

Garbage and Recycling
Garbage and cardboard recycling bins are located at the far end of our parking lot, guests are required to dispose of their garbage and cardboard  in our provided bins, these bins are scheduled to be emptied once they become full. Cans, bottles, glass recycling is left up to the guest to recycle off site. Anyone misusing the garbage disposal or leaving large items beside the bins will be fined up to $500 


Winter season
Snow removal is kept up throughout the Winter season 

RV winterization - you are required to heat trace/tape your water hydrant at the beginning of the cold season