Camping With Young Kids

Fail to plan, plan to fail as they say. This is definitely the case when traveling with kids! A well packed bag and fail proof itinerary can go a long way in ensuring a Family trip is enjoyed rather than squandered (spoken from experience with the latter).

Here are some things we recommend stashing in the bags before visiting Barefoot or any other campground with similar amenities:

Board games - one for the adults and one for the kids Sand toys - trucks, little animals and digging tools Wagon, Scooter or Bikes

Floaty's for the lake, and a pump

Beach umbrella

Beach chair (unless you've booked the beach front yurts)

Zink Sunscreen Reusable water bottles Beach towels (Tip: Turkish towels are thin and pack well plus dry fast)

Here's a sample itinerary that is sure to please all members of the family: Breakfast - Pancakes and scrambled eggs with fresh local fruit Day One: Walk the KVR trail in the morning while its still cool Naps and reading a book Pack a picnic for the beach - A cheese and charcuterie board with cut veggies or roasted chicken sandwiches Lounge at the beach and swim

Dinner on the BBQ at your yurt - Homemade burgers with spicy chips and roasted veggies Pack Marshmallows and a blanket and have a campfire and count some stars

Day Two:

Morning walk on the beach

Breakfast - Fried eggs and Canadian bacon

Naps and play boardgames at the yurt

Take a drive through Naramata or Oliver with the windows down, stop at fruit stands, antique shops and a couple wineries - pick out a bottle for the evening

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